MODELFIESTA 38 Registration Documents

Click on the link below to download either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF versions of the model registration documents you will need for ModelFiesta. There are two primary documents: Model Registration Summary Form and the Individual Model Entry Form. While blank, hard copy forms will be available at the venue the day of the show you can save time by downloading them here, filling out, printing from your computer at home, and bring with you the day of the show. Be sure to highlight to the registration team in-person any special award categories you wish your model to be considered for (for example, the Theme Award). The ModelFiesta 38 Categories Form (Clases Y Categorias) lists all the categories in which entries may be placed.

MS Word                                                                Adobe PDF


Model Registration Summary Form                                           Model Registration Summary Form


Individual Model Entry Form                                                      Individual Model Entry Form


Compendio de Modelos Registrados                                       Compendio de Modelos Registrados


Forma de Ingreso Individual                                                        Forma de Ingreso Individual




ModelFiesta 38 is offering entrants the opportunity to pre-register their model entries. Download the Model Registration Summary Form, the Individual Model Entry Form (one per entry), and the Category List (all linked above). The Summary Form and Ind. Entry Forms are “writable”. Once downloaded, information can be entered directly into text boxes on the forms and saved.


The ONLY paperwork that needs to be returned via email is the Model Registration Summary Form. Fill out this document completely but leave the Contestant Number at the top right BLANK...ModelFiesta staff will assign this number to you and fill this part in. Upon completion, email the Model Registration Summary Form to Receipt of your Summary Form will be acknowledged, and additional information will be provided to you regarding your entry forms within a few days to include your Contestant Number. Please feel free to ask questions about the Pre-Registration process, or about the event in general, by emailing those questions to ModelFiesta Director at


Please note that the entrant is responsible for completing the Model Registration Summary Form, and one Individual Model Entry Form per model entry, printing out those forms, and presenting the printed forms to ModelFiesta Staff at the dedicated Pre-Registration Station the morning of the show. A discount of $2 off the total Registration fee (sum of all models being registered) will be offered to those who take advantage of the Pre-Registration process. Fees will be paid on-site the morning of the show. No financial transactions will occur on-line or before the day of the show.



Note: Forms were updated on 14 January, 2018 to IMEF 1.4 and MRSF 1.4. Both changes incorporate space for an entrant's IPMS optional point of data for entry but one the club wishes to track.

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