Our meetings are diverse, and cover a range of different activities, all of which you are invited to. Our main meeting is the monthly meeting, held at the usual location:

Jordan Ford
(2nd Floor Conference Room)
13010 N Interstate 35
San Antonio, Texas 78233

First Thursday of each month
6:00 PM - 7:50 PM



The January meeting's highlight is the presentation of the MODEL OF THE YEAR 2022, awarded to Lee Washburn on his SCRATCH BUILT USS POPE. Impressive model, none the less. Congratulations, Lee! The meeting also had a special visitor, we were honored to have Michel Buckley, who was an Alamo Squadron member back in the early 00's. We were happy to say hi and catch up, regardless if it was briefly! Finally, the Learning subject was very productive this session. Judging is always a controversial issue in most hobby clubs, and us at Alamo Squadron we try our best not only to prepare our judges better, but to improve the process as well.



Squadron monthly meetings start with matters that concern the club. From event reminders, membership suggestions, concerns, awards or volunteer or officer requests are adressed at this point.

Most of our meetings feature a Learning Program segment, where a speaker presents diverse modeling tips, tools, techniques, etc. aimed to improve and expand your modeling skills and obtain ideas for materials or projects. The speaker usually is a different member of the Squadron, but guest speakers from other clubs have disected their projects and experience.

Date Topic Presenter Contest Theme
01/2023 Judging Clinic Pt 1 Rob Booth Model of the Year
02/2023 Judging Clinic Pt 2 Rob Booth Open
03/2023 Cutting Machines and Modeling Mario Fernandez Make it Snappy (Snap together kits)
04/2023 Modern US Armor Details Pt 2 Mark Verdi Shelf of Doom. Kits you've forsaken and revived for this contest.
05/2023 Modern Aircraft Ordnance Devon McCollough Open
06/2023 Star Wars Modeling Jerry Escobedo Movie Stars. Models of things in Movies.
07/2023 3D Printing TBA Open
08/2023 Scratch Building TBA Need for Speed. Models of fast stuff.
09/2023 Swap Meet TBA Open
10/2023 TBA TBA That's just scary
11/2023 TBA TBA Open
12/2023 White Elephant Gift Exchange None First Love (What got you Modeling).




Members are encouraged to bring their finished builds to compete with one another in friendly competition. Judging is conducted by members attending that night's meeting and select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Each month's winning models are invited back at the end of the year to compete in Alamo Squadron's Model of the Year competition. The winner of our Model of the Year contest has his/her name engraved on a dedicated plaque that the club maintains.

Note: placing in a monthly meeting contest does not prohibit a member from entering in any other contest at any level.

Judging is conducted in accordance with IPMS guidelines, which adhere to the following basics:

  • Proper alignment of parts (wings, landing gear, wheels, etc).
  • No visible glue marks.
  • Paint finish is smooth and without blemishes.
  • Decals are properly aligned and without "silvering".
  • Seams between pieces are properly addressed and not visible in the finished build.




At each monthly meeting Alamo Squadron invites members to bring the current kit (or kits) they are working and give a couple-minute run-down about the kit(s) and the progress they have made so far. We encourage members to tell the rest of the club the positives and negatives of the build as well as how they overcame the negatives. This is an extremely effective way to spur discussion on differing kits, tools, and supplies on the market today as well as the techniques utilized to apply them.